Sunday Liquor Sales; A Free Market View

Written by Executive Director, Jake Duesenberg


I love the tea party movement and how we appreciate traditional American ideals. One of the things that attracts me to this movement the most is our advocacy for free enterprise or laissez faire capitalism. It’s so important of an ideal that we include it in our core principles.


In a free enterprise system, we consumers should be free to choose our products, our sellers, our currency and even when we are able to engage in exchange. Unfortunately, government officials repeatedly interfere with this freedom. In Minnesota, they ban commerce in a whole industry on Sundays…liquor.


Being the free market advocate I am, I want to know why I am forbidden from purchasing tasty malt beverages on Sundays in this state. Will someone be harmed by commerce on this day that are not harmed on the other six days of the week?


I’ve heard the arguments from the “other side” on this issue. Some say it’s the Sabbath, a holy day, not a beer drinking day. However, I still can go to a bar to drink. And if, for religious reasons, that day is not intended for commerce, then where is the public outcry to forbid fast food, mall shopping, coffee houses, etc? Is there a commandment of “thou shall not engageth in commerce on Sundays” that I’m missing?


Some have asserted that opening up liquor sales on Sunday would drive out the “little guy”. Is there a mysterious market mechanism that favors big business over small business on only one of the seven days a week? The other six, the market mechanism is dormant. Of course not!


The MN liquor lobby, which pressures legislators each year to keep the status quo, tell our representatives that liquor stores enjoy the one day off each week. However, not every liquor store agrees and their rights are being trampled on by others. Not a very pro-American ideal in my opinion.


What this whole issue boils down to in my humble opinion, is do we as consumers have freedom? Can we engage in commerce in a free society without government interfering and telling us what to do? I believe we can and I believe this is a right we all should stand up and demand we get back.


Let’s support freedom and repeal the ban on Sunday liquor sales.