Protect Our Constitution Event with Sheriff Mack

Our Constitution is under assault by the feds and the last line of defense is at the local level. That's why we are hosting the "Protect Our Constitution" event on December 16th featuring Sheriff Richard Mack and David Benner.


Sheriff Mack is the president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, a group of law enforcement officers willing to stand up against federal officials who subvert the Constitution. Mack rose to national fame after winning a case at the US Supreme Court (Mack v United States) which asserted that the federal Brady law could not compel local law enforcement officers to enforce the federal regulations. Sheriff Mack will talk about the need for our local leaders to resist violations of our Constitution by federal officials.


David Benner is the constitutional expert of the MN Tea Party Alliance and author of the brand new book Compact of the Republic: The League of States and the Constitution. David will speak about how our Constitution was created and why the power belongs to the people and the states, not the federal government.


Quarterly Events are a benefit of your membership to the MN Tea Party Alliance. Not a member yet? Join at Event is open to the public for $10 per person.



5:30 - Breakout Session 1

6:30 - Breakout Session 2

7:30 - Social hour

8:00 - Main Event featuring Sheriff Mack & David Benner


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