MN Tea Party Alliance Turns One on Independence Day!

The idea of growing the tea party in Minnesota dates back to November 2012, but the actual formation of the MN Tea Party Alliance as a non-profit organization began on July 4th, 2013. This week we celebrate our first birthday.


What have we accomplished in the first year?


First and foremost, we have assisted leaders around the state in organizing and creating six brand new tea party groups. Each group is unique and is focused on a wide range of local issues. The Alliance started with the North Metro Tea Party in Mounds View and now has a presence in Woodbury, Hastings, Eagan, Red Wing, Apple Valley and Plymouth.


In August of 2013, we took our message of freedom to the MN State Fair. This was the first time ever that the tea party had a booth at the fair. In twelve days, we handed out 10,000 pieces of lit, gained 2,500 new activists and had our "daily signs" shared and retweeted on twitter hundreds of times.


In February, we activated our organization to rally in support of Hastings families who were going to lose their property to eminent domain. On a Wednesday morning, we packed a court house with grassroots activists and our voice was heard. Dakota Co decided to negotiate with the families instead of pursuing eminent domain, and the families now have the ability to still use the majority of their land.


As the 2014 MN Legislative Session came to a close, we received word that the disastrous National Popular Vote bill was making its way to the House floor. We quickly activated all of the tea party groups to petition their representatives. We were successful in stopping the NPV bill from getting a vote, thus protecting the way we elect our President.


In order to spread our message, we've conducted three Quarterly Events. In 2013, we did a trial run with Constitutional scholar KrisAnne Hall. The event was a huge success and our host, The Mermaid in Mounds View, was the perfect venue. So we began 2014 with a March event featuring Sheriff Joe and a June event with NY Times Best Selling Author, Tom Woods. Between the two Quarterly Events, we drew in a total crowd of over 700 activists.


The MN Tea Party Alliance has also published 3 magazines; recorded 24 podcasts with over 44,000 feed hits; and gained over 1,200 followers on Facebook.


Our second year will be even more important! We hope to grow our tea party footprint in this state in cities like Faribault, Brainerd and Forest Lake. If Republicans take over the state house and/or governor's office, we will petition our elected leaders to repeal taxes, expand our liberties and balance the budget without excessive bonding bills.


If you're not a member of this great organization, please join us today!