Conservatives Stabbed in the Back Again!

RINO Stabbed

Despite the GOP's big win in 2014 that gave them control of both the U.S. House and Senate, omnibus spending bills keep passing with majority of Democrat support. How does this happen?


It's pretty clear that Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are not true fiscal conservatives. The campaign talk about limited government is a 180 degree difference from what they enact into legislation. We call these people RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) because they are doing the bidding for the progressive agenda. And this time they handed Pelosi and Obama a fully funded government for the fiscal year that sustains our deficit and grows our debt.


Minnesota's Republican Representatives John Kline & Eric Paulsen joined the establishment and Democrats in voting for the Omnibus bill. Rep Emmer voted against it.




The cancerous tumor of big spending RINOism is not only a problem for Washington, we see it here in this state as well. Republicans in the Minnesota House passed their own version of large spending omnibus bills early this year that increased our state government by 7%. On top of that, they kept a $2 Billion surplus in the government coffers while also taking out nearly $400 million in new debt.



The Minnesota legislature reconvenes on March 8th of 2016 and they have an important task if they want to keep their voting base happy. Return the state surplus to the taxpayers and vote against a bonding bill.