Scorecards Prove GOP is Failing Conservatives

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We give a lot of credit to Karl Eggers and the crew at Liberty MN for how well they handled the criticism of their scorecard release back in June. You see, at that point, they dared to show in an objective measurement that the Minnesota GOP has failed conservatives for voting for bigger government and less liberty. They stood alone in that critique and watched as the mud came flying their direction.


This week the Taxpayers League released their 2015 Legislative Scorecard, and the results were quite similar to that of Liberty MN. Six State Representative received “honorable mentions” for scoring a “passing grade”. The top score was Rep Eric Lucero with a 75%; while the others scored in the 60% range.


According to the scorecard, the remainder of the MN House scored an “F”. Speaker Kurt Daudt, Majority Leader Joyce Peppin and Minority Leader Paul Thissen all scored a 50%. Reps Tara Mack, Tony Cornish and Dave Baker all received scores of 33%, which put them lower than Democrats like John Lesch and Tina Liebling. Although on average Republicans scored slightly better than their DFL counterparts, the scores remain well below a passing grade.


The two scorecards show that the GOP is failing conservatives in this state. Despite a massive election victory in 2014 that handed the Republicans control of the MN House of Representatives, Minnesotans still watched government grow by over 7%, increase regulations on businesses, take out more debt and not give a penny of the $2 Billion surplus back to the taxpayer.


We highly recommend discussing your legislators voting record with them next time they show up at event asking for your money and support.


Liberty MN Scorecard:

Taxpayers League Scorecard: