House GOP Budget: Slap in the Face of Minnesota Conservatives

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House Speaker Kurt Daudt released the GOP's proposed budget this morning which included a spending increase of 1.7% over the current biennium spending levels. Conservative activists all across the state believe that government is too big and needs to be reduced. Every year Republican candidates talk about the size and growth of government, but when push comes to shove, they don't actually offer a reduction to government; as is evident in Speaker Daudt's budget proposal.


"It's a slap in the face to conservatives in this state" says Jake Duesenberg, executive director of the MN Tea Party Alliance. "Every two years these legislators make promises to us on the campaign trail about cutting government, but they never do. It's just a long string of broken promises and no solutions."


The MN Tea Party Alliance believes in a limited government; one that would reduce spending and alleviate burdensome taxes on the people of the state. The House GOP had an opportunity to lead on this issue, but decided to ignore the wishes of conservative activists and do what's best for the state.


A budget proposal should represent what the majority party believes government should look like. In Daudt's mind, that's a bigger government. And what's even worse, is that the final deal between the GOP and the DFL caucus, will be an increase to government between 1.7% and 7%; a losing proposition for Minnesotans either way.