National Popular Vote Referred to Committee Chaired by Lobbyist

Yesterday, a National Popular Vote (NPV) bill was introduced to the MN House (HF 1171). This bill would change the way the country elects the President...and not for the better. The bill authors are predominately DFL legislators, with Pat Garafalo and Rod Hamilton joining from the "other" side.


What's deeply concerning about this bill is that it was referred to the Government Operations and Elections Policy Committee, which is chaired by Republican representative Tim Sanders, a paid lobbyist for the firm Ainsley Shea. The firm's website lists Tim Sanders as a "Senior Counselor" and under the banner describing their work, they state that National Popular Vote Inc is one of their clients. Having an employee chair this committee is quite a luxury for a firm being paid to change our elections!


Ainsley Shea


This is a clear cut conflict-of-interest case and we call upon the House leadership to stop this bill from going forwrd. National Popular Vote is a backdoor process to amending our Constitution and would guarantee that the interests of big cities overshadow that of rural areas in the United States.