Tom Emmer Betrays Conservatives on Day One

Emmer Betrayed












It’s no secret that Speaker John Boehner is not liked by conservatives and libertarians in Minnesota. As leader of the U.S. House he has continuously pushed for bigger budgets, excessive regulations and more domestic spying programs. His role as a leader is a failure and new leadership is needed.


Minnesotans from Congressional District 6 put a man in office with the expectation that he would fight for smaller government and more liberty. However, in his first real test vote as a conservative, Tom Emmer voted wrong and against the wishes of his conservative base by voting for John Boehner as Speaker.


Even more concerning to us, the newly elected Congressman failed to return phone calls of many tea party activists who reached out to him on this crucial vote. Instead, Emmer listened to special interest and beltway insiders who favored the establishment’s choice for Speaker.


The MN Tea Party Alliance is not surprised that another Representative has lost his way out in Washington DC. It seems the natural tendency for representatives is to lose touch with the principles they run on once they get out to Washington D.C. Tom is likely to join the ranks of Erik Paulsen and John Kline who continue to expand the size and scope of the federal government. This is why the MN Tea Party Alliance works inside the state of Minnesota where victories are more achievable. Washington D.C. is a lost cause as long as the current leadership remains in control.