Election Results Are In…Already A Breach of Trust

The election results are in and the GOP won back the MN House! We believe this victory is a result of many tea party and conservative activists rolling up their sleeves and helping their local candidates. Now Minnesota has a chance to advance the tea party principles by electing a new Speaker of the House who will carry the conservative convictions we desire in our elected leaders.


But that might not happen... 


It's our understanding that Kurt Daudt and his leadership team in the Republican House Caucus plan on holding a closed door vote for new house leadership this Friday? What a slap in the face to all of the hard working conservative activists who helped win back the MN House. Don't we deserve a voice in the matter?


Some will argue that this is the way the process works or that it's a matter for the MN House Caucus. But we are the ones who elected them, dropped lit for them, made phone calls on their behalf, and contributed financially. We deserve to have our voice represented by the most conservative person possible. And we don't appreciate a quick, closed door vote that reeks of shady deals and political paybacks.


Our proposal:


1. House Leadership Votes should take place at least 2 weeks from now so newly elected legislators can properly vet the candidates for leadership

2. A debate between the leadership should be conducted in front of an audience of conservative activists so we have a voice in who becomes the new Speaker of the House.


Folks, the principles of limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility have been absent from the Capitol halls for too long. Our movement is about restoring these values and holding elected leaders accountable. The election is over and now it's time for us to roll up our sleeves and demand better representation.


Please give your local representative a call or e-mail today and demand transparency with the leadership vote.


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