Dayton’s Tax Hypocrisy

The Democrats in Minnesota keep telling us the wealthy should pay more in taxes. Which is funny since their wealthy gubernatorial candidate doesn't practice what the Democrats preach.


According to Mark Dayton's 2013 tax filing, the Governor deducted $36,631 from his adjusted gross income of $352,601. Taxed at the top marginal federal rate of $39.5% and Minnesota's rate of 9.85%, Dayton kept $18,000 from going to the hands of government. We thought he wanted the "rich" to pay more taxes?

Dayton Taxes


The Democrat rhetoric of "paying one's fair share" is a disgusting tactic of class warfare. Most of them don't really believe in paying more of their money to government, rather they use the rhetoric to score political points in order to win elections.


We believe that the income people earn is rightfully there own and government has no business taking it from them. We have no problem with individuals like Mark Dayton deducting income so government doesn't get its greedy hands on it. What we have a problem with, is the hypocrisy!