Soros Behind National Popular Vote

Jonathan Soros, business partner and son of George Soros, is a spokesman and likely financial backer of the National Popular Vote. We say likely because the NPV is a registered 501(c)(4) organization which means donors are not publicly disclosed. However, Jonathan is a spokesman for the organization who published an op-ed in the Wall St Journal.


Jonathan Soros is a large donor to liberals, giving millions in campaign contributions according to FEC Reports. Most notably, he is a donor of Minnesota Senator Al Franken. But is he the only liberal behind the National Popular Vote?


Taking a look at the NPV Board of Directors, it's dominated by donors to liberal causes.


Here's the big question: Why would liberal donors be behind the National Popular Vote? It's quite apparent that a system removing the sovereignty of states and that shifts presidential campaign strategies to large metro populations is something that the progressive left embraces.


What's more shocking is that the two members of the MN legislature who sponsored the NPV bills and are lobbying other legislators to support it, are paid lobbyists with the organization Ainsley Shea: Sen Branden Peterson (R-35) and Tim Sanders (R-37B).


Call your State Representative today and demand that they vote "NO" on HF 799, the National Popular Vote Bill.


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