Dakota County Bullies

Bullying is a hot topic in today’s pop culture, but we rarely hear influential politicians or celebrities talk about the bullying committed by our government on its citizens. To see what we mean by this statement, look no further than what just took place in Dakota County.


In November of 2013, the Dakota County Board of Commissioners voted 6-1 to take the Drews and Sorg family properties in Hastings by eminent domain. When our group of concerned citizens in the Southeast Metro Tea Party heard about this last month, we immediately got involved by calling the Commissioners, showing up at court hearings and spreading the word.


Unfortunately, despite our efforts, the families settled against their wishes after being intimidated, threatened and bullied by Dakota County. The people of Dakota County deserve a better government than what they currently have. This should also be a wake-up call to all Minnesotans that no private property is safe from the greedy hands of government and special interests.