Dakota Co. Taking Private Land by Eminent Domain

Imagine inheriting property owned by your family and then finding out that the County government has constructed plans for your land that no longer include your private ownership. This is what several families have experienced over the past few years along the Mississippi River just outside of Hastings.


Map 1

The Dakota County Board of Commissioners now plans to take the land of local citizens in order to complete a bike trail project and other miscellaneous projects at the Spring Lake Park Reserve. According to the landowners, the county has made offers to purchase their land at prices far below fair market value. Since the owners refuse to sell, the County Board plans on taking the land by eminent domain and the court hearing is this Wednesday morning.


One of the lots currently being pursued by the county is owned by sisters Nancy Drews and Joni Sargent who received the land from their late father. The County created an image of their lot that no longer includes the home currently on the property. Instead, it has picnic areas, a bath house and a "cultural interpretive site".


Drews' Lot

Private ownership of property is one of many reasons why the United States is the greatest country on the planet. Eminent domain is in direct contradiction to the tenets of liberty and property. Please join us in supporting the families who are fighting to keep their land from government overreach!

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