Rep Kline Crashes South Metro Tea Party Event

The lights were on. Audio checks performed. People were starting to find their seats. The show was about to begin. But out of the blue, the organizers were given word that the show had a last minute change.


Last night at the South Metro Tea Party, which generally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at Bogart's in Apple Valley, the organizers were given notification that Congressman John Kline would like to swing by and give a message. Congressman Kline was given an open invitation to attend a tea party event back in August at the State Fair. So it was quite a surprise to hear from his scheduler five minutes before showtime that Congressman Kline wished to attend that night.


Since the tea party believes in holding elected officials accountable to the principles of free markets, fiscal responsibility, and Constitutionally limited government, the organizers agreed to allow the Congressman to speak as long as he took questions from the audience.


Now it doesn't take a political genius to understand the tactic used last night by the Congressman. He is starting to feel pressure from his constituents for his abysmal voting record (Freedom Works gives him a 2013 rating of 44%). Knowing that a tea party event headlined with his name would draw huge crowds and several video cameras, he decided to give the organizers extremely short notice.


Despite the crowd having no time to prepare questions for their representative, the questions that were asked showed that the South Metro Tea Party activists are an intelligent and concerned group of individuals. Rep Kline had to answer questions like:


- What are you going to do to eliminate ObamaCare that is causing incredible pain to several of your constituents?

- Why is the House leadership publicly bashing tea party activists?

- What part of voting for the debt ceiling increase every time represents the principles of fiscal responsibility?


One activist did capture a portion of the Q/A period on his camera phone. Click here to view.


We applaud Congressman Kline for showing up and speaking to the people and would encourage him to do two things:


1. Make another appearance with a commitment that allows us to publicize the event

2. Take the message he heard from "we the people" and start voting based on the principles of free markets, fiscal responsibility, and Constitutionally limited government.