Leadership Emerges in Washington D.C.

The fiscal year came to an end on September 30th, and once again Congress failed to pass a new budget. So as usual, a fight emerged amongst the two Parties about how to proceed funding the federal agencies via a continuing resolution.

The Republican controlled House had a solution: Fund gov't at the same levels, but defund ObamaCare. Instead of accepting the Continuing Resolution from the U.S. House that defunds ObamaCare, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid decided to partially shut down the government. Now the national press' attention is on the "realty tv" type drama of the two party establishment...which will inevitably agree in the end to continue funding the government by borrowing close to $1 trillion annually.

Although the establishment in both Parties lacks bold leadership, a few leaders have emerged amongst the Tea Party ranks. Most notably, Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who have taken a stance with the American people to get rid of the awful, un-funded, job-killing program known as ObamaCare. We are encouraged to see elected officials stand firmly against the program that is leading to the 30 hour work week; loss of individual privacy; and the destruction of the free markets.

(Photo courtesy of Philly.com)